Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

If you were involved in an auto accident, anywhere in the country, that was caused by another driver or object, you can receive immediate treatment at our clinic at no out-of-pocket cost. No upfront payment or health insurance is necessary. If you have an attorney, we will work closely with him or her to coordinate your treatment. If you do not have an attorney, we can refer to you many of the excellent attorneys with whom we frequently work.

Auto accident injuries disrupt normal nerve and blood supply to the head and neck, causing a wide variety of symptoms. The chiropractic physiotherapy we offer can correct these injuries and promote natural healing. If you are seeking exceptional care for your pain and injuries, we invite you to come visit us at Peak Injury Chiropractic, where you’ll discover pain relief and injury recovery that will help you feel better than ever before.

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Deyanira Iannelli

I was referred to Peak Injury Chiropractic after I was injured in an auto accident last month. Dr. Warman and the team were professional and did an incredible job not only eliminating my pain, but also showing me how to better deal with any related symptoms I might experience in the future. Thanks to them, I was able to get back to work much sooner than I expected. They also referred me to an excellent PI attorney. I strongly recommend them to anyone who has been injured in an accident.

Andrea de la Torre

I was fortunate to be referred to Peak Injury Chiropractic following an auto accident last month, and I can't praise them enough. Dr. Warman and the entire team demonstrated the utmost professionalism and did an outstanding job addressing not only my immediate pain but also equipping me with valuable insights on managing potential future symptoms. Their expertise not only alleviated my discomfort but also played a crucial role in expediting my return to work – a result I hadn't anticipated so soon. Additionally, they went above and beyond by connecting me with an excellent personal injury attorney, ensuring I had comprehensive support throughout the entire process. I wholeheartedly recommend Peak Injury Chiropractic to anyone who has experienced an accident. Their commitment to patient care and holistic support is truly commendable.

Migdalia Aponte

I recently visited Peak Injury Chiropractic and I must say that the level of care and expertise I experienced was exceptional. The staff were friendly and welcoming, making me feel comfortable from the start. They took the time to thoroughly evaluate my condition and explain the treatment plan to me in an easy to understand way. The adjustments were precise and I felt immediate improvement after just one session. I appreciate the holistic approach to my well-being and highly recommend Peak Injury Chiropractic to anyone seeking top-notch chiropractic care!

Salvador Iannelli

The results were remarkable, and I felt a significant improvement in my mobility and overall comfort. The follow-up care and advice for at-home exercises were an added bonus. I'm grateful to have found a chiropractic team that truly cares about their patients' well-being. I highly recommend Peak Injury Chiropractic for their outstanding service.